Never give up!!!

I am feeling peaceful while I write this one. The reason? Four days back, one of the random readers of my blog messaged me. Interestingly, she stumbled upon my recent posts and found it to be good. Surprised, I thanked her for the kind words. She then told she wanted to share something with me. It was one of the recent incidents that happened to her.

It was about her little niece Surbhi’s mom- her sister. I could literally feel the chill when she shared the incident.

The ambulance screeched through the crowded road, blowing its siren continuously. As the driver applied sudden brakes, Surbhi held on to her aunt.

“Don’t worry, everything will be alright.”
Assurance was all she could give the little girl. As they reached the emergency ward of the hospital, the patient was unconscious.

The doctors hurriedly arrived.
“Another heart attack.” doctors looked worried. “Admit the patient.” Surbhi and her aunt looked on, as the woman was taken away.

“Is mother going to die this time?” the 10 year old didn’t know what was going on. “Oh no, she will be fine.” the aunt’s tears diverted from her words.

I was actually in a state of shock. It was a pleasant evening until she shared this with me. For a moment, the only thing which stayed in my mind was “Why me?” It was also the next thing I asked her. “I’m sorry, but I just felt like sharing this with you. It is one of those hunches, but believe me, the incident has a positive ending.” I was still confused and I am sure she might have sensed it.

Coming back to the incident, it took almost three days to revive Surbhi’s mother. The first person she wanted to meet was the aunt.

“I can’t watch Surbhi withering away like this. Why aren’t the doctors able to treat you completely? This is the 5th attack since the last 2 years when you were diagnosed with your condition. It’s difficult for us to live like this… in fear of you leaving us.”

“I’m not leaving.” her feeble voice spoke out with determination. “I’m never going to give up on you two. I choose to live and this is not how I die. Yes, it is a difficult process, but when was life easy? I’ll fight till my last breath because living for you both is worth doing it!”

Never give up. This was something I had seen in many places. Whenever I read inspirational stories about how people never gave up until they achieved their goals, I felt some kind of energy. However, it was the first time this idea of never giving up struck right on my heart. When I conveyed my heartfelt thanks for her
wonderful time, she just told me this – Be it anything, never give up. This time, I am going to hold on to it. I am sure you will too 🙂


Short story : Little Hari

Before I get to the actual point, let me take you quickly through a really short story. After all, before conveying a piece of boring advice, it is always good to include a story!

Little Hari wanted to play with other boys of his age. Whenever Hari asked his dad, his father always said that he couldn’t play with the boys outside. Little Hari didn’t understand why.

One day while Hari was desperate about going out and playing with the boys, his dad kneeled down and grabbed his little shoulders and said “Son, you know why I don’t let you play with them?”

Teary eyed, Hari asked “Why daddy?”

“Because you are not like them. You cannot run like them. Look at your legs. You are not safe there.”

Hari convinced dad that he would go just once and if anything happened, he wouldn’t ever ask daddy to go out and play. Hari’s father held his hand and they came to the place where the other kids were playing. Out of overwhelming excitement, Hari left dad’s hand and joined them.

The kids were perplexed at first. Then they made a circle around Hari and started throwing the ball gently to him. Hari loved every moment of it. He giggled, ran and enjoyed his heart out. When it was time to wrap up the games, everyone called Hari and told “See you tomorrow Hari.”

Hari smiled and replied “Sure.” Nonetheless, his happiness knew no boundaries.

This one is based on an important lesson I learnt during these recent days. While we must accept others for their flaws, it is even more important to embrace our own imperfections. Imagine if a person was not at peace with his own state, how would he give himself a chance to go out, experience and feel the happiness? The truth is that we feel insecure about our weaknesses, and instead of working on it, we tend to focus more on hiding them from others. By this, we also never allow anyone to help us and continue to suffer alone.

An important take away: Perfection is an illusion and there is no one perfect in this world. It’s all about confidence,
how you feel about yourself and how you deal with your weaknesses. This makes the whole difference in your own and other’s attitude towards you. This world is still full of beautiful people and all we need to do is to open our arms and take a step forward.

A wonderful tea time chat!!!

I never thought a quick tea time with my friend could be so wonderful.

“Why would you want to be with a girl like her?”
“Why would the guy want to be with you?”

Society questioned their relation, but he knew what was right for him.
“She’s not from a different caste, religion or status. Hell, I’m sorry that I have to bring these while reasoning with you. Why are you having a problem?”

“She’s differently abled! Can’t you see that!”

“Is that why she does not deserve the love and happiness which every other person can rightfully own?”

“She can never make you happy! She will always be a burden to you and your family.”
He chose not to answer.

Only he knew, how much she mattered to him. Her guileless laughter on seeing him every week took away all his worries. Her innocence was something to be cherished. When she held his hand in crowded streets, he felt deeply satisfied in his heart. She would save her the last cookie for him every weekend as a surprise gift.

She was beautiful. Her soul was beautiful. Only a fool would leave her. He was in love with her. He wasn’t someone to give up on her.

That night, he received a letter from her. “You complete me. You are my support. You make me believe in
fairy tales. I love you!”

His eyes glistened with hope amidst all the social restrictions.

He could only think of one thing at that moment. He took the letter, held it close to his heart. Tears of joy could be seen in his eyes.
“I love you too!”.

#love #is beautiful.

Quote Love: Height of randomness

This is a warm up post after a long gap. So lately, I have been using this app called YourQuote. I am not a regular user, but found it interesting to accept the word of the day challenge and come up with some quotes once in a while. That is exactly how some of the below pictures were born. As I keep saying, I have no intention to be just another passing cloud and sincerely hope my quotes will become famous someday (LOL) :D.

Note: Jaruscrux is my pen name. I am doing a separate article to explain the logic behind the name 😀 :D.


The word of the day was reflect. I have been wanting to use this line in some context. And then came this word of the day challenge. I wasted no time and created a quote out of it. These were some thoughts I got when I was going through tough times and was a hard core pessimist. Thankfully, I have come out of that phase and now I am rolling.

IMG_20180104_073330_596 When you have another quote ready but no place to showcase it, you can always rely upon the YourQuote word of the day. The above picture is another example for that. The theme is based on some other quote/dialogue I saw on the internet. Interestingly, this quote has helped me much to come out of the pessimist phase. This was when I realized that:

“Every life is like a book. It has many blank pages and the pen is in our hands. It is up to ourselves to write a beautiful story in that book”. Well, this one is not entirely my creation, but inspirations from the internet.


I admit! I have this crazy feeling to become popular, known and followed by many. I am damn sure most of us (if not everyone) feel the same. So one fine day, this celebrity maniac in me promptly came across the word of the day challenge: SIGN. I was like “Okay, so why don’t you express your aspirations through a quote?” and thus the above image.

Disclaimer: I know I use the phrase passing cloud too many times. It is just a ‘sign’ of how passionate I am in embracing my mania (:D).


This one was a fluke. A fill in the blank challenge (When life ____, then ____) posted in YourQuote caught my attention. The first thing that struck my mind was the popular quote “When life gives you lemons….blah….blah….blah….”. However, seriously this was something I did because I wanted to come up with a sentence. Just for the sake of it.

Well, that pretty much sums up my too short stint with the app. I no longer use the app, but I am still addicted to writing quotes. While this marks the end of the current post, I am positively looking forward to come up with more quotes. I also wonder if I could be more abstract when it comes to the content rather than giving away my character in a plain and transparent way!!! After all, who would want others to know everything about themselves (wink)?

Honorable mention:


I saw this quote while browsing the instagram feed. I decided to include it here because this happens to me all the time I read a good book. Be it a character, or the plot, it seems some authors have the power to push you into their story and live through it. That being said, I hope I get to read many good and great books so that I am always in love with one thing or the other :).

Random lines: My meaning of Love…


She was always in there, holding me tight,

An amazing time, it was a frozen night.

Like the lines from a book of sweet romance,

I would cross the oceans, just to see you dance.

I looked above, and saw the shining stars,

And you washed away my really scary scars.


So many words, just tinging my head,

Now I know, why love’s crimson red.

I’m sticking to what I told before,

I know that I need to do some more.

Ain’t never running away anywhere,

Crawling back to you, I know you’re there.


They say love is nothing but overrated,

But it’s the only good thing I see among all this hatred.

Little did they know that all it ever take is,

To love them with all your heart and that’s the basis.

It’s not just hollow lines and all these empty phrases,

It’s called love and that’s what makes all happy faces.

-Suraj B

pen: @jaruscrux


My Dear Star


Can you be my sunshine forever?

They say nothing’s permanent, never!!

I may shine like a sun in the night,

But hey! You are the reason for my light.

I sail like a mighty ship you think?

Be with me, and I will never sink!


Behold! The beds of flowers enthrall,

I heed the vibrant world’s call.

Somewhere, I know you are waiting for me.

Dreams I cherished now longs for you to see.

Can you see that my heart’s at ease,

And comes innocence of my childhood like a breeze.


Like stars should we together shimmer,

Our universe will be filled with glimmer.

You say there’s love in my living,

That’s the very triumph of my being!!

Fancy the one who would love from afar,

Now that you’ve met me, my star.

-Suraj B (@BSuraj93)