Premier Indian Sports

The year of 2014 has been a feast for the commercial sports lovers. As someone once said- In today’s world, nothing sells out without a bit of masala flavor in it. It was on par with the Entertainment industry in providing impeccable enjoyment to the sports fans. Wherever you turn your eyes, collages of advertisements for sporting events such as Indian Premier League, Premier Hockey league etc… could be seen. Fortunately or unfortunately, the roots of business have grown over the sports industry thus making it unappealing to conduct an event without marketing and glamour. Let us peek into something related to this.


As a matter of fact, no one is to be blamed. If a video is available in 3gp format and 1080p format, what would a normal man do? I am sure most of us (including myself) would go for the high definition 1080p format. The same has happened in case of sports too. When something can be presented in a much more attractive way making sure that the value is not much compromised, it is sheer cleverness to opt for the new way. When everything gets a chance to update or upgrade, then why not sports? Cricket which already has million fans in the country had the courage to undergo change first. When the usual colorless jerseys were replaced with the graphics loaded ones, it became appealing. Instead of the usual state cricket boards, the ownership was given to celebrities and businessmen, it was a jackpot. Cricket fans along with the fans of those celebrities would watch the sport.

Likewise, hockey changed too. For those who still wonder what Hockey might be, it is the national game of India!! Seriously speaking, this actually happened to me once. A guy who used to drone on about cricket asked me once- Why is Indian hockey being telecast? Is it even important? Thank god Dhyanchandji was not alive during that time. Some hard core hockey fans out there thought of a theme. Why not hockey be made like IPL? Thus Hockey Premier League was born from the womb of Mother Business. The Hyderabad team was the Sultans and the Marathas became the Warriors. The hunky theme song made the league a must watch. The people could not help it but watch the matches.

Golf Premier League and Indian Super League also became the face of Golf and Football. While Indian Super League is currently smashing the sports box office, Golf Premier League broadcasted to the world that India too can play golf. Sometimes we need to stop boasting the colorfulness of these events. Yes, it is true that they have improved the fan base of the sports, but haven’t they nurtured corrupt practices too? The recent issue in IPL almost effaced the image of Indian Cricket. Some found it as a platform to dump their black money. While one side of the argument can be that, these events actually gave the youth, a chance to display their talents and thereby achieve the dream of playing for the National team. But like we know, a coin has two faces. The other face showed us that whatever the players perform, there is a bureaucracy in the sports industry of India and the achievement of dreams is still a tougher mountain to climb.

If we can do a little bit of patch up work in the current Indian sports trend, then it is as transparent as a glass that we can show what true Indian sports means to the world.


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