The football selection-Story of my first and last football match

When it comes to sports, even today I am unclear about cricket and football. Wait a minute. It’s not like I am confused about what is football and cricket. Luckily enough, I learned that during young age, quite young, when I was about 4 or 5. What I meant to say is that I do not know which sports I am better at. I would say I am a multi-partial talented person. I am half interested in cricket and half interested in football. This basically means I play neither football nor cricket that well. Now coming to the topic, I was in 10th standard, when I played my first football match officially. It was not like my real first match, since I had played football with my friends near my house. But the thing was that ground was only as large as tennis court.
So, there was an announcement for the selection of school football team. I used to play cricket well than football, but I decided to try my luck on football this time. I was shocked to see the large ground prepared well for football. The thought of I, running over the ground made me feel dizzy. Since my name has already been called, I could not turn my back then.  Besides, there were juniors attending the selection, so I should not make myself small before them.  I decided to give my best shot. Luck was with me, since the trainer was well known to me. I was given the chance to play as forward. I had to tackle a boy who was in 8th, two years younger than me. I took the task for a piece of cake. But in reality, that boy whom I thought to be a dummy, dried the entire sweat out of me. I was running behind him and after 4 times , I was unable to tackle him once. I looked at the trainer. He came to me and said-“Dont worry, I will find a position for you.”
I looked at him thankfully. But I was like- ‘I dont know the position names even, how is he going to find me one?’ The thought of trying out different positions frightened me a bit since if I make mistakes that will become the topic of the day for my friends and I would become the laughing stock. But I had no other choice.
After many chances, I realized that there was only two more positions to try out. The backie and goal keeper. During the try outs, I figured that the backies of the oppsite team was standing still the whole time. I thought it would be the easiest job. So I asked my trainer whether I could be a backie. It did not take much time for me to figure out that, backward position was one of the most difficult. On top of that, I had to bear some real hard kicks of the opposite players, who missed the ball, due to which I had to take the kicks. I was asked to trip away from kicks but the other players were too fast for me to handle. By that time, the trainer was also losing hope. I finally decided to take the goal keeper position.
I was angry on myself for not putting up my full effort. “This time, I will show’ em what I am capable of.” I resolved to myself. “Kid, this is your last chance. If you do not do well, I am sorry to say, you might have to look for other sports. In anyway, you play cricket well.” These words from the trainer permanently deleted my resolve from my brain. I was filled with tensions. Finally, it started. The first time I had to block was a penalty. I think, you all would have guessed what happened. As usual, I messed up. I was in a helpless position. The kick off was over. The forward of the opposite team came running towards me. Suddenly, one of them kicked it towards the net. I jumped towards the side and caught the ball. The shot was hard as it hit my cheeks and it was swollen. But I didnt care. I just blocked a shot. I was on cloud nine. I took the ball in my hands and ran in happiness.
I expected my team mates to congratulate me. I stopped running and turned towards them. All I saw was the opposite team was rejoicing. My team members were looking the ground. I got it. Something is not right. I went towards my team. My trainer was also there. “What’s the matter. I blocked it. So we should celebrate right?” One of my team mates folded his hands “Shall I give you one to celebrate?” I still did not understand what just happened. Just then the trainer came-” I told you to do well. And is this what you call well?” “But sir.. I just blocked…” “Who taught you to block the ball from inside the goal line?” Just then I realized that I messed up again.
All that came to my mind was a big board telling “LOSER”. I vowed not to play football again. And thus ended my journey as a football player. But even today, I watch football matches, I love it. I play computer games FIFA, but I kept my vow. I did not play football even once after that incident.


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