Being a F1 crew member-1

I’ve always wondered about the fact- speed. What’s there in driving the hotboxes in high speeds? Besides, it may put our life on line almost all the times. Now, this was the rule boy part of me, thinking. I was almost 14 years old when I saw a car raging through the roads in Chennai. Man, you gotta believe me, it was as enthralling as seeing America for the first time. It was a BMW convertible. But I did not know a thing about convertibles those days. It surely was remodeled, as the original one I saw afterwards, in the pictures was different. The chrome fittings and rims were just enough to loosen my mousse. There was a transformation actually. I was beginning to get addicted to racing. It started to get to my nerves as I began watching the formula one and other races without missing a bit. I searched the internet for thrilling car videos. Michael Schumacher and Ferrari were until then Greek and Latin to me. Soon, Schumacher became my brother and Ferrari my home. I mean, I got to know about them so much.
By the time, I became 20, it was more than a wait to get a kick-start racing career. The feeling was similar to the situation where you are damn hungry, but could not find a bit of bread to eat. Only cars could fill my stomach. I’ve decided already. To make things easy, I befriended a guy from Budh International Circuit, during my trip to Delhi. He was a professional racer. Like the academic degrees, he was a masters holder in drifting. Take it as a coincidence or some other, I met him in the city and gave me a ride. It would be true if I said that I gave him a ride, only in his car. I wonder, whether I drove extravagantly that day, because, the next day, he called me offered a drive in the budh circuit. I had just hit a lottery. Without a second thought, I agreed. I was an hour early at the site, and the circuit had just opened for the day. There were not many racers, except four or five. I was very proud that I was the only newbie, without any prior racing history, to try my luck there.
After waiting for ten minutes, a hand patted my shoulder. It was Vineesh, who invited me. He told me that I would get a chance to drive after going for a tour of the circuit. It was a never forgettable experience. I had not visited anything amazing till then in my life. The track was so smooth with nice curves and amazing audience area. Budh circuit was truly international. When Indian GP was announced, I thought it would be another money game by the business magnates. But I wanted to apologize to the management team of the circuit, because the Indian GP was amazing. Suddenly, I felt like I was going to participate in the race. I knew, racing was my cup of tea. But I was not sure about how I am gonna make it through. The place gave a wondrous confidence, which I had never felt before. We reached the pit stop area. He explained that the spot was the Ferrari team area. He showed me the wall posters of the team. It was like being in a temple. Believe me, racing arena, sure is a temple for racers.
Suddenly, the most surprising part happened. It was something I would have never dreamt of.
to be continued……………………..


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