Sports is my life

What is sports? For many, sports are games which include cricket, soccer, football etc… For long time, I too was in the many, who took sports for games. But soon, after some of the programmes in the television, I understood, it was more than that. Forgive me, not only TV’s, but also the internet, taught me sports. Like many of the people around the globe, I too, during my young days, wanted to be a cricketer. Sometimes, I wanted to be a football player, and sometimes, other sportsman. In the same way, when I became older i.e, when I reached my college days, I wanted to be a software engineer. Not that I do not want to be a sportsman, but the priority changed. I just know one thing for sure, sports is still my passion. I feel sorry for not being able to make it my life. With an average built body and moderate fitness, I thought I did not have much to do in this field. But the reality is that anyone with a passion for it can make sports, their life.
Recently, apart from the sports, I also started watching programmes that opens the doors of lives of great sportsmen. When I watched just one episode, which showed me about the life of Matthew Hayden, the legendary Australian opener, I felt ashamed of myself for making a lame excuse out of my average body and fitness. I am not saying that he was my favorite batsman, but those episodes made him one. He is one real example for a devoted sportsman. One of the few best sportsmen, from whom we have to learn how to make the field a passion and life. If you are a regular audience of the television programmes, then you might be knowing that, Matthew Hayden is a really good cook too. There is a seperate slot for his show. His father was not a sportsmen, but just a wood businessman. Realising the interest of his son in sports, he started a cricket bat manufacturing business. Such was the support given to Hayden by his father. Hayden also never kept himself away from woods. He was always there with his parents cutting woods and maintaining the garden of his house.
For those, who do not know Hayden, let me give a brief introduction. Matthew Lawrence Hayden, is a former Australian left handed opening batsman, who was famous for his aggresive as well as quick scoring batting. He is one of the prolific opener, Australia has ever produced. Pairing with Justin Langer in tests and Adam Gilchrist in ODI’s, Matthew Hayden enjoyed the status of roaring danger in the ground.
Now, coming back, his cricket life was not very clean though. He was often involved in many controversies, the most famous being the Harbhajan-Symmonds issue and ‘third world’ comment about India. But he was sportive enough to keep himself from big controversies. When he came to the field with his Gray-Nicolls bat, we could see the players rounding up, struggling for devising a new plan to dismiss the roaring danger. He was also selected as the brand ambassodor for the Mongoose bat, with a long handle and short hit area. During that time, it was wide spread news that only Hayden could handle such a bat. A fluroscent pink grip could be seen in his Gray-Nicolls bat, which represented his support for breast cancer research. It was inspired by his team mate Glenn Mcgrath and a tribute to Mcgrath’s wife who was suffering from the illness. He is one of the few cricketers who has a huge multinational followers both for his cricket and other social activities. Awrads, recognitions etc.. came searching him for his contributions to the field of sports and his contributions to the society.
If we are speaking about his whole life, it would take us half of our life, to experience it. The theme which I intended to convey is that, for making sports as your living, you just need to have a liking, passion and sincerity towards it. Hayden’s life is one of the best examples with which we can live with hope that a passionate sportsman can live in sports.


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