Nano GenX Easy Shift: Driving made Easy!!!

Ever since its birth, Nano was known for its identity- India’s low cost car. And now, it has added another word to its line; India’s low cost automatic car. It will not be a surprise even if we call it India’s easy car. Let me site some reasons. This small car makes it easy to park. Tata added the flavor of power steering to the Nano Shift, making it easy to drive. The latest news is that Tata have bestowed AMT gearbox on Nano which enables easy gear shifting. When it comes to the new Nano, it’s not just the looks, but there is a lot more. Let’s get to know more about the easy car.


Previous Nano had a complaint- their boot doors could not be opened. This time Tata has solved the problem by giving a beautiful boot door which is openable. The AMT variant has a boot capacity of 94 liters and other GenX variants have 110 liters. It becomes around 500 liters when rear seats are folded. The engine heat can be felt a tad bit in the boot. But compared to the old models, engine sound inside the cabin has boiled down.

One of my friend feels that the new Nano has solid fit and finish. He even said that some parts in his old Nano seemed loose as if it would come off any time. GenX is built with high quality and the parts are strong.


Nano has borrowed the steering wheels from Zest, but lacks the same quality. Dashboard dons beige plastic and looks dashing and of good quality. Another feature to point out is the console integrated with gear shift and instant mileage indicator. The higher end variant has handsfree and Bluetooth supported Music system. The accelerator works with the help of a sensor. There is an exclusive dead pedal for the left leg. Seat quality is hardly changed. It has enough head room for a moderately tall guy. The leg room is not posing a big problem.


Nano has many features proving its contemporaneity. One such is the AMT (Automated Manual Transmission) gear box made by Magneti Marelli, a subsidiary of Fiat. Engine is not newfangled. Moreover we can experience a tad bit of lag in automatic mode, but it is not so much of a spoilsport. For a change, a button press can take you to the sports mode. However, there is a real amusement with manual shift. Gear knob can be used without the help of clutch and Yes, Nano can move that way too.

City traffic may incommode some people (especially ladies and beginners). They may face trouble in moving the car forward without it going backwards, after a stop. Nano’s AMT could have given the same headache to the drivers, but Tata has solved it with a trick. It’s known as the creeping feature. While in first gear, Nano Easy Shift will move forward without giving accelerator. Accelerator is not needed for bumper to bumper movement during traffic. Nano’s fuel tank capacity is 15 liter. It has crammed up some weight which reflects in the driving.


Nano GenX gets a power of 37bhp at 5500 rpm, all thanks to the 2 cylinder 624cc petrol engine. It offers a torque of 51nm at 4000rpm. Nano GenX can race past the other cars at a whopping 105 km per hour. It has a 4 speed manual gearbox and a 5 speed Easy Shift.

The Verdict

Some statistics:

Brakes—– Drum (front and rear)

L W H—– 3099 x 1495 x 1652 mm

Wheelbase—– 2230 mm

Mileage—– (approx…)

Manual mode- 23.6 km per liter

Easy Shift- 21.9 km per liter

Price—— 2, 89,000/- (Ex-showroom Cochin)

The most beneficial part is the price. You don’t get an automatic car for a price lower than this one. It also boasts of height and space and when this combines with the AMT gearbox, fear not friends- You’ve got a great city car in front of you.


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