From Thekkady, with Bolt!!!!

Thekkadi Lake- this is not a new name for the tourists. But there exists a similar exotic place nearby, unfamiliar to many. It is the Ottakathalamedu (meaning camel head plateau). Amidst the lush greenery of the high range, we could see a region sporting camel’s head (No!!! It just looks like that!!). It’s about 4km from Kumali. The head is seeable approximately after half a kilometer, on the Munnar road. To reach the head, we need to surmount a steep road which metaphorically is referred to as climbing the camel’s neck. Then comes the plateau that boasts of the zephyr. It feels like we are in a state of tangency with heaven, in the God’s Own Country.
Ottakathalamedu is for those people who after enjoying the boat ride at Thekkadi, are probably rambling about. Those who are tired of calling in Ramakalmedu and Kovilmett which are facing Tamil Nadu, can always look forward to this place which is right in Kerala. I too, went there for similar reasons, only to be blown away by the awe of the place. Adding to my joy, I had a companion- the very Bolt. You are wrong- it’s not Ussain Bolt, but the new avatar of Tata.

Sprinter Bolt
Tata must have reckoned the cheetah of the race track, the Jamaican Ussain Bolt, while making a car bearing his name. Lightning speed; Well, Tata Bolt has not spoiled the name. Sprinter is the one who picks up speed right from the start. It conquers the roads without waiting for much gear shifts. Bolt started sprinting during the night time from Kottayam. It took just two and a half hours for it to reach Kumali- without staggering anywhere in the middle. Be it the high range roads, or the plain- Bolt’s behavior does not change. The AC is spectacular, it just ousts the cold in the exterior. The seats are suited for long distance journeys. Bolt strikes in every areas.

To be continued!………


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