Random lines: My meaning of Love…


She was always in there, holding me tight,

An amazing time, it was a frozen night.

Like the lines from a book of sweet romance,

I would cross the oceans, just to see you dance.

I looked above, and saw the shining stars,

And you washed away my really scary scars.


So many words, just tinging my head,

Now I know, why love’s crimson red.

I’m sticking to what I told before,

I know that I need to do some more.

Ain’t never running away anywhere,

Crawling back to you, I know you’re there.


They say love is nothing but overrated,

But it’s the only good thing I see among all this hatred.

Little did they know that all it ever take is,

To love them with all your heart and that’s the basis.

It’s not just hollow lines and all these empty phrases,

It’s called love and that’s what makes all happy faces.

-Suraj B

pen: @jaruscrux



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