Customer ‘anything’: A quick (kick) start!!!

Customer according to me can be viewed as an entity in a business scenario. It is something that ought not to be meddled with. For most of the businesses, this entity is the one generating revenue. Customers, when kept happy can be a great organic source of brand outreach.

In most of the company pages, I’ve seen this tagline “Customer is king”. I’ve mistaken it to be a genuine thought from the companies to consider their customers as their kings. For one part, it is true. King decides the finance (read revenue here). One should be careful enough to not to get into the blacklist of the king; else the revenue stops and we can bid farewell to a good share of organic marketing as well. On that note, yes – customer is their king. However, it is unfortunate and sad fact that very few stay true to its core meaning. In many cases, customers are treated poorly. When it comes to customer support, the respect a customer gets is restricted to the scripted introduction. In almost over 60% cases, what follows next is a session justifying how the customers are wrong. Again, I have personally witnessed companies who take customers seriously; it’s just that they are only handful.

Customer ‘anything’ rings synonymous to Empathy. For those who are unaware of the term, empathy means “the ability to understand and share the feelings of another”. If you are looking to hit the right note, obviously you must know what the customers might want. Having worked with customers during the start of my career, I took my own time to embrace empathy. It is as they say, experience helps to subdue the ignorance; after struggling to reach out to a customer support for one of my own needs, I started to understand many things.

Well, let me abruptly stop here. Why did I blabber all the above things? One, I am trying to come up with a content to post in social media and I couldn’t think of anything else during my free time. Two, I am trying to understand more about this entity called “Customers”. One can say, I am improvising my empathy scale. Stay tuned while I do that and come up with more findings.


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